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2 min readNov 21, 2019

Imagine starting your Macbook Air only to access 100GB+ RAM, as many cores of CPU as you like, and a very powerful GPU. That is what vagon offers, you can access whatever computational needs you have, through any device and anywhere!

vagon is the simplest cloud computer that anyone can use. You can get your personal cloud computer easily and use any challenging software from any device. It has been designed for the creative class and others who need a computer that evolves with their needs.

No more suffering from the limitations of physical hardware!

And we all need better computers, don’t we? Though, why we need them, may differ. A graphical designer needs to run Adobe products, a video editor deals with tons of GBs in a single job, and an architecture spends the most time with Revit or Lumion. They all have heavy-duty tasks and require top tier computers. The problem space extends even further when we consider CAD designers, engineers, researchers, hobbyists, students, and others.

vagon is “click & use” simple. You can choose a ‘ vagon station ‘ from multiple performance options and start using it right away.

vagon is “click & use” simple

It is your personal computer: your settings, and your software — this time on the cloud!

vagon handles the infrastructure, reliable connection, and all means of security. It’s been built on global cloud services. It handles all technical challenges and provides a reliable experience through its technology. That means now we all have access to high-performance computers, regardless of our whereabouts and technical knowledge. vagon ensures the best experience by placing your computer at the nearest possible location.

You don’t need to know the geek language to use it: If you are an internet user like other billions in the world, congratulations, you have your vagon driver license.

All you need is a connection to claim your freedom.

A stable internet connection is what you need to use your vagon station, and it is a must for almost everything these days. vagon is designed to perform well under challenging network conditions but the better the connection, the better the experience.

You are mobile, so is vagon.

If you are a digital nomad in heart and mind, it is your companion. Put aside the troubles of carrying a heavy computer around and enjoy working anywhere. The world is your office now!

It comes with practical feature sets to make the life of digital nomads and pro software users even easier, which we will talk about in the upcoming posts.

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Run all challenging software from any device, with your own supercomputer on the cloud.