Vagon to Streamline Creative Cloud Workflows with NVIDIA

3 min readJun 30, 2021

Vagon gives creative professionals near-effortless cloud-based workflows in collaboration with NVIDIA.

Vagon is working with NVIDIA to improve the ease and speed with which creative professionals such as architects, engineers, and video producers can stream creative applications directly from any device. Vagon’s streaming technology, collaboration tools, and integrated file system make the cloud experience seamless for creative professionals, with cloud performance powered by NVIDIA technology at the center.

The working landscape for creative professionals and their studio infrastructure is evolving and shifting between multiple environments can be challenging when working with today’s larger file sizes, perpetual projects, add-ons, and additional I/Os. Vagon’s technology coupled with the latest NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations (RTX vWS) powering cloud-based workflows address these new requirements by offering increased flexibility and scalability, as well as allowing for more cohesive collaboration.

Vagon CEO, Sagiroglu, had this to say, “The collaboration between NVIDIA and Vagon will allow both freelancers and agencies/creative studios to use flexible, NVIDIA-equipped cloud computers. Professionals will be able to run their work environments on the cloud with one click and get beyond their local device performances without any further investments.”

The latest NVIDIA GPUs and RTX vWS are available from global cloud providers and support the latest in NVIDIA CUDA and RTX technology for unparalleled performance in ray-traced rendering and finished products.

By combining the power of NVIDIA RTX vWS and GPUs in the cloud with Vagon’s streaming and collaboration technology and its ability to slipstream the switch between local and cloud-based workflows, creatives can access demanding, graphics-intense software from anywhere in the world.

With more remote work being done than ever before, this collaboration will provide crucial support for the agencies, organizations, and individuals that rely on stable remote working workflows and open the door for even greater global inclusivity in the industry.

Cloud-based workflows are by no means a new development, but their optimization is key to the success of enterprises that have embraced a remote culture. By eliminating the performance issues that have long plagued cloud-based projects and providing a low-latency platform from which to create, NVIDIA and Vagon aim to help enterprises adapt and thrive in an increasingly dynamic industry.

Each piece of design or creative software has its own set of unique requirements, and Vagon’s understanding of these needs paired with NVIDIA’s state-of-the-art GPU means users can seamlessly switch between apps. There is little to no technical proficiency or onboarding needed, and users can easily navigate with a single click.

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